Contacting me.
Please feel free to send me email about this site, Questions, comments, requests, suggestions, etc. Please don't send me death threats and viruses. If you're going to e-mail me something with an attatchment on it, please send an e-mail saying I'm sending you an attatchment and what the attatchment is. I won't open it if I don't know what it is. Also, you'll get a quicker response if you include something to let me know you're writing about this site. Blackbird's Lullaby, Skins, heads, request, etc. I have other things I use this addy for because I don't get so much mail that I feel the need to have a seperate e-mail address for it. It helps me know the difference between a head request or a mesh problem and Macromedia trying to sell me another copy of Dreamweaver.
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