How do I download?

To download the skin files by themselves, the meshes are seperate. Just click the picture and if I haven't messed anything up the window will pop up and ask you if you want to save or open. Click Save. The same thing applies for Meshes

Why don't you just put the meshes in the zips?
Why download something more times than you have to? Besides it saves me bandwidth.

Why are you so worried about bandwidth?
Cause a lot of sites have either disappeared, been absorbed into large (eventually pay) sites, or every time you tried to go there you got a bandwidth has been exceeded message. It is something pretty important to worry about.

How do I put your skins in my game?
For this you need a program that handles zip files, You can download a trial version of Winzip here
Once you have the zip opened, dump all .bmp, .cmx, and .skn files to your Sims ->Game Data -> Skins directory. I put all my buyables in the skins directory, my game crashes if I try to put them in the expansion shared folder, however if they're not showing up in your game, you can try moving them to that directory. Everyone's game seems to be different in that respect.

Can I put your skins up on my website/group?
No. You can e-mail them to everyone you know if you want, but the only place I want these skins to be for download is here.

Even if I give you credit?
Even if you give me credit, please don't put them up anywhere else.

Can I use parts of your skins or heads to make my own?
That'll depend. E-mail me and ask. I'll need to know at least, at very least, what skin you want to borrow from and what you're planning on doing with it.

Can I use your heads as models for my skins?
Sure. Please credit me somewhere if it's on a site is all I ask. A credit page, or a little note on the page with the picture. If it's for a forum or something don't sweat crediting me unless someone asks.

I'd like to use your head for a model, but on a different mesh, can I change the meshes?
Yeah. Just because I like how a sim looks on a certain mesh doesn't mean that you need to keep them exactly like I have them. I use a very small percentage of the meshes out there that my skins will fit, (For instance I pretty much always use meshes I can redistribute, but there are a ton of non-redistributable meshes out there that these heads will fit on.)

Can I use one of your heads as an avatar?
Usually. Someone may already be using that sim, so e-mail me first. I like to keep track of things.

Can I use one of your heads for a forum neighborhood?
Again, probably, e-mail me and let me know which head you'd like to use. If no one else is using it you'll be more than welcome to use it.

Can I change the mesh on a forum head to look more like my hair?

How do you change meshes?
Well there are much more elaborate tutorials but for a short and dirty one:
See the three numbers and or letters that come after the letter C when you're looking at a bitmap? We'll take my Daley head for example, right now she's on Daniela's Ce32fa_sistergoldenhair and let's say you want to change her to Daboo's Co03_devilcametome. (A mesh she looks great on *wink*) So looking at the bitmap for Nia it says C e32 Famed_SM_Daley. Just rename the file C o03 famed_SM_Daley and put the .bmp in your skins folder. Substitute the bolded text for the number/letter combo of the mesh you want to use.

Can I link to your site?
Yes. Feel free to use this button

Will you link to me?
Right now all I'm going to have is a credit's page. Keeping a links' page is a lot of work and I've already got a lot of of work to do with this site. Sorry.

One of your skins is making my game crash.
Take the offending skin out and send me an e-mail telling me which skin and what expansions you have. I'll see if I can't fix it.

Your skins suck.
I never claimed to be an expert at this, and I've got this site because a lot of people don't share your opinion. You're welcome to find somewhere else to download from.
Or you can get yourself a paint program and make some skins yourself and you can see if you like yours any better. But seeing as you don't like my work, I don't see why you're still hanging around here.


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